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In Canada, the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns were difficult for all of us in different ways. But here we are, a year later. Isolation, unemployment, childcare, and a variety of other issues have all had a negative impact on many people’s mental health around the world. How are we dealing with it?
It’s easy to find some excuses to avoid doing something you don’t want to do if you don’t have a clear objective insight. Let’s face it; we can be very inventive when it comes to coming up with plausible excuses. However, excuses may be acceptable in certain situations but constantly making them is one of the worst things you can do to yourself.
The excellent news is that there is hope on the horizon for medical students and International Medical Graduates (IMGs). According to the most recent news from the Medical Council of Canada (MCC), scheduling for the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part 1 for the October-November 2021 session is now available, which means you may plan for the MCCQE Part 1 for October 19 to November 9 session through Prometric centres.
During this time, the MCCQE Part 1 will be available through Prometric at available test centres or via remote proctoring. Physical separation and other personal protective measures are in place at Prometric centres in accordance with local public health authorities requirements. You can choose the modality that is best suited to your specific needs.
For those who have already applied:

  • If your application was submitted and accepted prior to scheduling becoming available, check your account for further instructions on how to schedule your exam.
  • If you apply after scheduling becomes available, you will have access to the schedule as soon as your application is approved.

Please visit the MCCQE Part 1 web page for further information on session dates and the scheduling web page for further details.

In the end, we would like to offer Ace Qbank as a source for MCCQE part 1 exam preparation since it is designed based on the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) objective. It has a unique question bank with over 1900+ high yield questions, Challenging Clinical Decision-Making (CDM) cases, and self-assessments that are a true simulation of the MCCQE 1 exam and push you to your limits.

Ace Qbank is fully based on the MCC’s Objectives for the qualifying examination and lays out exactly what you need to know for the MCCQE part 1 examination. We work hard at Ace Qbank to keep the content up to date and in accordance with medical standards of care. Ace Qbank has a plethora of summary tables and flow charts that simplify complicated and comprehensive topics and are concise enough to be quickly and efficiently reviewed for comprehension and retention. We assess the question bank on a regular basis based on current guidelines and recommendations, and any modifications we make are implemented as quickly as possible to optimize your learning experience.

Ace Qbank approach to the qualification exam is unique and it is a novel and innovative resource to aid for the MCCQE Part 1 preparation. You have the vision we have the way to get you there. Try out the Ace Qbank demo or sign up today. See and feel the distinct approach.

We would appreciate your feedback on how to improve Ace Qbank and wish you the best of success in your preparation.


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