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CDM cases are designed based on the MCC objectives and focused on practical approaches to the diagnosis, best management, and most appropriate treatment of the common medical conditions.

Clinical Decision Making

CDM consists of three interconnected phases: diagnosis, severity assessment, and management. Your decisions can be evaluated at each critical stage of the diagnostic and management process. Ace Qbank CDM cases were written by experienced clinicians and include detailed explanations for each case to ensure that they reflect real-world events. Ace Qbank CDM cases, overall, provide intensive case-based learning.

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Clinical scenario

Each case consists of extensive history and physical for a presenting patient, multiple diagnostic studies or other options are provided to choose from

Summary table

All highlighted key concepts which commonly question on board exams are summarized in the table to enhance memory retention and recall on exam day


Following each case, full- length Explanations of the correct answer is reviewed, and the reason why each diagnosis is correct or incorrect is explained


Simplified sophisticated clinical diagnostic steps with a focus on the best initial diagnostic test and step-by-step approach to diagnosis and management


Clinical cases are designed based on the Medical Council of Canada objectives and target what you need to know for the CDM section



Several up to date references are provided at the end of each clinical presentation for further study

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Master CDM with Ace Qbank

With Ace Qbank CDM, you can go through the entire process of diagnosis, severity assessment, and management with experienced clinicians. The cases are designed to reflect real-world events and provide detailed explanations for each case. Sign up now to get started with your studying and increase your chances of getting a high score!

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Benefits of Ace Qbank's CDM

Ace Qbank provides over 140+ high-yield clinical cases that replicate all potential case scenarios that might also come in the CDM section.

  • An in-depth explanation for each CDM case
  • Reference for further study
  • Self-Paced Online Learning
  • Designed based on the MCC objectives

Clinical Decision Making

Ace Qbank CDM cases provide you with a better chance of preparing for the CDM component of the MCCQE1 exam; it is the best study tool for the MCCQE1 exam. Sign up now to ensure a high score on your CDM part.


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  • Step by step management
  • Up to date treatment
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  • High yield vignettes
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  • Simple explanation
  • Step by step management
  • Up to date treatment
  • Full access for 2-weeks each*

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Clinical Decision Making Reviews

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