New Questions Just Added-August 2021

At Ace Qbank, we work hard to maintain the content up to date and in accordance with medical standards of care. We evaluate the question bank regularly based on current guidelines and recommendations, and we implement any changes we make as soon as possible to enhance your learning experience.

We also update our content on a regular basis based on user feedback submitted via the feedback button. The blue “Feedback” button appears on every question in Ace Qbank and allows you to tell us if you believe a picture is missing from the question, the question is incorrect, or the question is misleading in any way.

On a daily basis, we review user feedback and update the content as needed.

Question Bank:

Today, we are pleased to announce that we have recently added questions to the Infectious disease, Dermatology, and ENT disciplines. You may notice an increase in the number of questions with extensive explanations, pictures, and concise summaries, mainly in the infectious disease section. Well, you’re not mistaken; now, there are more than 1750 high-yield questions in Ace Question Bank!


I’d like to take a moment to thank you all for your wonderful feedback.


Ace Qbank

Support Team

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