A 48-year-old man comes to at the clinic complaining of a painless lesion on his tongue that has been there for several weeks. The lesion is nodular, grows slowly, and does not bleed. His vital signs are normal, and there is no cervical lymphadenopathy. Upon examination, a small, flesh-coloured papule measuring 7 mm is discovered on the centre of the tongue, as shown in the image. He doesn't recall any trauma or having night sweats. Past medical history includes a history of sexual activity with several partners, as well as a history of smoking 21 cigarettes per day for 12 years and drinking at least three beers per day for the past ten years. A biopsy is taken, and histopathology indicates the presence of virally altered cells. Based on the patient's physical examination and biopsy findings,

Which one of the following is the most likely diagnosis?

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Ace Qbank Clinical Edge


Ace Qbank Clinical Edge

Making the proper diagnosis is one of the most important aspects of any medical student’s or junior doctor’s clinical training and hence we created Clinical Edge Cases.

Ace Qbank Clinical Edge helps our students put their knowledge of symptoms and physical findings to test by applying clinical reasoning and assessment concepts to a series of common clinical vignettes. Problem-based learning is being used to focus on the cause behind the presentation of a simulated clinical case.

Each simulated Clinical Edge case contains a list of common causes of the presented condition, offers abundant references to the presented case, making additional information easy to find

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