A 29-year-old chef presented to the dermatology clinic with a complaint of a sudden-onset, intensively itchy rash that he first noticed yesterday morning. The rash was not associated with any pain. Despite having felt unusually fatigued recently, he didn't have joint pain or any other systemic symptoms. His past medical history was unremarkable and he had no known allergies. He did not take any medications. His vitals were within normal limits, except for a slightly elevated temperature of 37.8 °C. His physical examination revealed a rash characterized by linear arrangements of erythematous papules and vesicles on his torso, lower abdomen, and lower extremities, as shown in the image. Notably, the chef mentioned that he had been experimenting with new recipes and had consumed a dish made with mushrooms two days before the onset of the rash.

Based on the patient's history and physical examination findings?

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Ace Qbank Clinical Edge


Ace Qbank Clinical Edge

Making the proper diagnosis is one of the most important aspects of any medical student’s or junior doctor’s clinical training and hence we created Clinical Edge Cases.

Ace Qbank Clinical Edge helps our students put their knowledge of symptoms and physical findings to test by applying clinical reasoning and assessment concepts to a series of common clinical vignettes. Problem-based learning is being used to focus on the cause behind the presentation of a simulated clinical case.

Each simulated Clinical Edge case contains a list of common causes of the presented condition, offers abundant references to the presented case, making additional information easy to find

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