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Self-assessments are closely replicating a true simulation experience of the actual MCCQE part 1 exam. Know when you are ready to take the exam.

Why MCCQE1 self-assessment?

Despite the fact that questions on the self-assessment differ from those on the MCCQE part 1 exam, the main principles and concepts being assessed are the same. As a result, assessments provide a true simulation, evaluate performance accurately, and reveal hidden flaws in your preparation long before the actual exam.

A true simulation: There are timed assessments, and questions are designed to be at or above the level of difficulty of the actual exam, based on the MCC objective.

Accurate assessment: Questions are high-yield, designed based on the MCC objective, and not typical of those seen in the Ace Qbank to accurately assess your performance.

Precise report: The report includes the number of questions you answered, your overall score in percentage, and an in-depth explanation of each question.

Strengthen your weakness: The report indicates the MCC objective number related to each question so you can pinpoint the weak area and turn your weaknesses into strengths.


Key features

Ace Qbank self-assessments closely replicate the experience of the actual qualification exam to help you prepare and boost your confidence for the test day. You will know when you are ready to take the exam with our self-assessments.

Each self-assessment exam contains 120 questions, is timed, and questions are unique and distinct from questions available in the question bank for accurate performance analysis.

Self-assessment analysis provides a thorough analysis of your performance with an infographic covering an overall percentage of correct answers parallel with the percentage of wrong answers in each discipline.

Each exam can be taken only once; however, results are available for review until the subscription expires.

After submission of the assessment, you will receive instant details about which questions you answered correctly and which you answered incorrectly; an in-depth explanation and references for maximum educational value will be available.

The subscription duration of each self-assessment exam is independent of the Qbank and can be activated separately.

The self-assessments are the sole property of the Ace Qbank, and scores are confidential. Individual results will only be shared with the test-taker.


Boost your performance

True simulation

Self-assessments are a true simulation of the MCCQE part 1 exam and are designed based on MCC objectives. Assessments are a half-length examination that meets the examination specifications, such as content outline coverage, percentage of items in each content category, and cognitive complexity item distribution. Evaluate your readiness for the MCCQE1 exam today



Self-assessment provides a full-length thought-provoking explanation of the correct answer, followed by why other possible options are incorrect, rather than merely rote question and answer. Each question has a reference section that specifies a covered objective from the MCC objective list.

Algorithms & Summary tables

Self-assessment contains several algorithms that simplify the most sophisticated clinical diagnostic steps and provide a step-by-step clinical diagnosis and management approach. Many summary tables are also included throughout to highlight and summarize the key concepts of an objective, improve memory retention, and speed up last-minute recall.

Assessment answer - MCCQE1
Analysis for self-assessment - NEW version

In-depth analysis

Know your weakness

Your self-assessment results will include a score, the percentage of correctly answered questions in each exam topic area, an in-depth explanation for a correct answer and all other options, and the reason why they are not correct answers. Get accurate feedback and sustain a higher score by knowing your weakness before the actual exam day.

Self-assessment score

Ace Qbank has designed a self-assessment based on MCC objectives with questions that differ from the main question bank for accurate assessment of MCCQE1 exam preparation. Your self-assessment results will contain a score that will be used to determine the level of your preparation and how much additional study you need to do. The score is based on a scale of 1–100 and in percentage, where 100% represents the highest level of achievement and preparation. The percentage distribution of self-assessment score in the three major categories is shown below:

Ace Qbank self-assessment scoring

Scoring less than 60%:

Low assessment scores are typically undesirable and suggest a major issue with MCCQE1 exam preparation, time management, and test-taking strategy. In any case, the score implies nothing more than that the problem must be resolved and effectively handled before taking the MCCQE1 exam.

Scoring 60-80%:

You have good time management and test-taking strategies if your score fell within the range of 60 percent to 80 percent. However, there may be a problem with not covering the MCC objectives properly.

Scoring above 80%

A score greater than 80% demonstrates a decent test-taking strategy, outstanding time management, and adequate covering of the important objectives. However, you should not lower your guard and go over summary points, review the MCC objectives and review the incorrectly answered questions.

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